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The camera we use is the Milwaukee M-12, a state of the art analytical instrument that produces images from the same viewpoint in both the Infra Red and Visual spectrums. This allows us to see what was detected in the Infra Red spectrum, and exactly where it was located from our visible perspective.
Thermal Imaging cameras do not provide 'super powers' - despite what a few home renovation television shows 
too often intimate.
While the cameras are not capable of X-Ray vision, they still can be a beneficial tool..

How does it Work?

​​human vision is limited to a very narrow “visible” band of the electromagnetic spectrum. The infrared spectrum has a longer wavelength than visible light and is invisible to thenaked eye.
By detecting very subtle temperature differences of everything in view, infrared technology dramatically expands the spectrum we perceive, helping us “see” heat; even in the absence of light. 

The Milwaukee M-12 Thermal Imaging Camera

What are the Limitations?

The camrea only detects the temperature of objects in view.
Although thermal imaging is a far better diagnostic tool than the naked eye, it does not guarantee 100% accuracy, It is NOT a magic bullet.
Thermal scans specifically  for heating / cooling loss may be only completed in ideal conditions - when the temperature inside the home is markedly different from the temperature outside.

Other tools are used to verify thermal imaging evidence, but even with these considerations we do not claim to have x-ray vision. Conditions may change and cause the apparent temperature readings revealed in thermal images to be different at any given time; in other words, under the particular conditions of this specific day, this is the evidence that we discovered.

What can be Discovered?

Under certain conditions thermal-imaging can DETECT POSSIBLE EVIDENCE OF:
     - Water leaks and penetrations: plumbing / roof / basement
     - Air leaks and Energy loss
     - Insulation: missing / damaged / wet
     - Electrical circuit anomalies
     - Structural members in walls and ceilings
     - Heat duct locations
     - Water line locations
     - In-floor heating coils
     - Pest intrusion detection
     - And more
in this example a sloped section of a bedroom wall displays an insulation issue.
(This is essentially a Cathedral Ceiling, which are often problematic)


Leaking toilets often go unnoticed (until any ceiling below starts to drip)
IR can detect this deficiency early. 


Water leaks can be invisible to the naked eye; an IR camera can detect hidden issues.
Further testing with a digital moisture meter is always required.

Moisture can be conducive to fungi-mold, rust, decay and wood destroying insects that can not always be seen. Further investigation and repair by a qualified professional is always recommended. 
Also remember that the process of further investigation and repair may reveal damage to building materials beyond the evidence that the Thermal Imager detected. While the Thermal Imager can detect moisture issues before we can see them, the origin of the problem may have caused considerably more damage.
Normal View
Infrared View
Normal View
Infrared View
Normal View
Infrared View
Normal View
Infrared View
Digital Moisture Meter used for Confirmation